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why I am doing this... 


Dear Friends,

When I was sixteen it seemed inconceivable to me that I would ever become sixty years old.

The timespan was so vast, and as for death, it was so far away I could almost imagine I was immortal.

How perspectives change! My sixtieth birthday happened seventeen years ago, and when Betty, my mother, died last year – almost literally in the arms of my brother and myself – it confronted me with my own mortality. 

It also changed my attitude towards my writing. Over the years, I’ve written six books, several musicals, a play, and many articles. Much of it was stored on my hard drive, or available for sale on various retail platforms.

Now I want to offer it all at once, freely, for anyone to appreciate. Making money from my writing has become irrelevant. I want as many people as possible to enjoy reading what I have enjoyed writing.

So, here it all is, plus a few videos and photos. The two exceptions are my novels, which are under contract to commercial publishers and therefore cannot be given away.

I feel grateful for this opportunity to share the contents of this website with you.

Love and best wishes,

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