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Dear Friends,

When I was sixteen it seemed inconceivable to me that I would ever become sixty years old. The timespan was so vast, and as for death, it was so far away I could almost imagine I was immortal.

How perspectives change! My sixtieth birthday happened seventeen years ago, and when Betty, my mother, died last year – almost literally in the arms of my brother and myself – it confronted me with my own mortality. Moreover, two brushes with cancer in the past six months have reaffirmed the limited nature of the time left to me.

It has also changed my attitude towards my writing. Over the years, I’ve written six books, several plays and musicals, and many articles. Much of it was stored on my hard drive, gathering dust and slowly fading from memory.

Now I want to offer it all at once, freely, for anyone to appreciate. Making money from my writing has become irrelevant – well, almost! There is an appeal section on this website to help cover my medical expenses, but it is entirely optional. 

I want as many people as possible to enjoy reading what I have enjoyed writing. So, here it all is, plus a few videos and photos. The two exceptions are my novels, which are under contract to commercial publishers and therefore cannot be given away.

I feel grateful for this opportunity to share the contents of this website with you. 

By the way, you can download the Kindle App for free, and use it for reading my pdf files. So, you have the choice: read the pdf files as they are, or read them on Kindle.

You can download the Kindle App for PC here.

Please note: Amazon also offers versions of Kindle for sale, but the basic app is free.

Love and best wishes,



Sweet sixteen and no idea of becoming sixty!


With my mother, Betty, a couple of years before she died, aged 100.

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