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The Pune Diaries

a love affair with India

This is a personal journal covering one of my yearly visits to Pune, India. It was written between my arrival in November 2013 and my departure in March 2014. The diary entries have no dates, but are presented in chronological sequence, spanning the time frame. Looking back at the diary now, from 2023, I can see that much has changed, in and around Koregaon Park. Also, Bodhi Hannah, the much beloved teacher of Zen archery, has passed away, as has one of my dearest friends, Meera, the Japanese artist. Essentially, however, my impressions of India remain the same. This book is a tribute to my love story with an extraordinary country that was, is, and probably always will be, my spiritual home.

By the way, as you will see, the pages of this book were designed to look old and faded, like a diary from colonial times, and this makes the text a little less easy to read. But I cannot change it without losing all the illustrations. So, take your time, and enjoy!

Please note: this book is subject to the same exemption conditions as the other three, allowing free download while retaining the author’s full copyright.

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